St. Paul’s Scientists

Once again, St. Paul’s competed in the Northeast Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair (NEFRSEF) this year. Students from both seventh and eighth grade had their projects judged here at school in the annual school Science Fair. From there, our middle school science teacher, Mr. Piskurich, selected a group of students to attend the NEFRSEF event. In total, we had 24 students who attended the Fair. … Continue reading St. Paul’s Scientists

St. Paul’s vs. San Juan Del Rio

The soccer game started off with a blast! St. Paul’s vs San Juan del Rio!  St. Paul’s started out strong scoring two goals in the first quarter and picked up another in the third. With Myles Long as goalie and Dane Metcalf as one of the defenders, the opponent had trouble keeping up. Our offense and midfielders were on a roll scoring goal after goal. Coach Stouffer … Continue reading St. Paul’s vs. San Juan Del Rio

Artfest From Down Under

One again our Catholic Schools Week was finished off with another fantastic Art Fest! This year we continued the wonderful St. Paul’s tradition with our Australian Art Fest. Students got to do everything from Aboriginal face painting to attempting to play the didgeridoo. At the craft tables, students were able to decorate origami boomerangs and homemade rainmakers, as well as Kiwi magnets and Koala masks. These … Continue reading Artfest From Down Under

“Failure is Not an Option”

On Sunday February 19th, 2017, SpaceX launched the CRS-10 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center.  It was the first commercial rocket to be launched from this prestigious location. The Thursday before the launch, St. Paul’s Middle School students took a field trip to the Kennedy Space Center. Early that morning at around 5:50, the busses left the school premises and headed towards the Space Center. About 180 … Continue reading “Failure is Not an Option”

Champions At Last!

When we hear “Teachers vs. Students volleyball game” we all want to be apart and beat the teachers, am I right? Well, what about our actual St. Paul’s volleyball team? These ladies had a fabulous season and tried their best through it all. In the season, they started great with the pre-season block party at Christ the King. The lady warriors did lose to St. … Continue reading Champions At Last!