September’s Athlete of the Month


We asked Coach Hulihan, and the Athletes of the Month are…
Brooke Jubran and Beza Miller!

When asked why he chose these two basketball players, Coach Hulihan said they were both great leaders, great teammates, and both performed well in school. Brooke Jubran and Beza Miller are both eighth graders who have been on the team since sixth grade. They have both been at St. Paul’s since Mother’s Morning Out. Now they are eighth graders and have big dreams and ideas we wanted to ask them about.

Brooke Jubran


When we told Brooke that she was chosen for Athlete of the Month she became very flushed. “He picked me! Really?”
Brooke Jubran is very humble and was not expecting to be recognized as athlete of the month. She is five feet, eight inches tall and plays post for the lady warriors.
Over her years at St. Paul’s and playing for the basketball team, Brooke has said that Coach Hulihan has taught her many life lessons like sportsmanship and humility. When asked about what advice he has given her and the teams, she replied, “No matter what the score is, Coach always just tells us to be good teammates and opponents, too.”

Brooke began playing basketball in fifth grade. Her basketball idol is Michael Jordan, because he went through difficult times in his career and still worked hard and got to the top. Other than basketball, Brooke does shot put for our Track team. Her future goals are to have St. Paul’s win the championship and to get on Bishop Kenny’s basketball team next year.

Beza Miller

Upon hearing he was selected for athlete of the month, Beza responded with “Woah!”

Miller is five feet, seven inches tall, and plays point guard for the guy’s team. Before games, Beza normally stretches and completes shooting drills.
Beza follows the motto never give up. His basketball idol is Will Cummings. Miller chooses to focus on basketball and does no other sports. His goal in basketball is to have St. Paul’s win the Mendenhall championship, and later in life he wants to play college basketball.

Beza began playing basketball when he was around four years old. While playing basketball at St. Paul’s one life lesson he learned is to never give up. When asked what he’s learned from Coach Hulihan, he responded with “It’s good to be a good person.” For advice to upcoming basketball players and athletes, Beza Miller advises you to practice hard!

Athlete of the Month is an article written by Kiera McCarthy and Lindsey Trent. Interviews are done by Marlee Irwin, Lindsey Trent, and Kiera McCarthy. A coach of a sport is asked to recognize a special athlete from their team. Not necessarily based on athletic capability or age, the athlete of the month is a boy and a girl who shows great sportsmanship, leadership, and maintains good grades as well.

Brooke Jubran (left) and Beza Miller (right).

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