We Are Greater.

In early September, winds whipped, trees fell, and lives were lost. Hurricane Irma caused flooding, deaths, and terrible losses to many countries and states… even to our St. Paul’s community. For most of us, our gymnasium is where everyday things happen. Games were played, jokes were laughed at, people became connected and all though we may not have known it at the time, memories were … Continue reading We Are Greater.

St. Paul’s New Teachers

The moment Mrs. Richardson stepped foot onto St Paul’s Catholic school she quickly recognized a family oriented school with a lot of history and a religious aspect. Her upcoming goals include figuring out a good routine, creating new ideas but keeping the tradition, and becoming a part of St. Paul’s Catholic School. Mrs. Richardson enjoyed Language Arts in school and even went to the University … Continue reading St. Paul’s New Teachers

The First Buddy Read

The tradition continues! The fresh seventh graders with the new kindergarteners is a sight to see. The 7th graders read to their little buddies every other Thursday. The first buddy read is the cutest, as the kindergarteners are getting used to their lovable buddies. The kindergarten buddies are learning more than you would expect. They learn how to read, friendship, but most importantly love. This … Continue reading The First Buddy Read

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Our National Champions

Over the summer and at the beginning of the school year, some very exciting events occurred for our St. Paul’s community. William Rollings (8th) and Nash Beenen (6th) traveled all the way to Missouri to compete in the Cal Ripken World Series. This competition is for young baseball players. Their team went through many rounds and games against other strong athletes to get where they ended … Continue reading Our National Champions