October’s Athletes of the Month

We asked Coach Ruen, and the Athletes of the Month are…
Noah Kallivayalil and Jack Elflein, and Alexis Holmes and Isabelle Carey! The cross country coaches decided to pick two dynamic duos that work really hard, and motivate each other. When asked why they picked these runners, the cross country coaches said that they have worked hard, they show up to practice everyday, and have improved over the season.
Noah Kallivayalil and Jack Elflein
Noah Kallivayalil and Jack Elflein are two eighth graders who have been running cross country for years now. Not only are they hard-working cross country runners, but Elflein plays lacrosse and Kallivayalil plays football. Coach Ruen has inspired these athletes to push themselves and keep going in their athletics. Cross country is motivating Kallivayalil to have a six minute mile and to have better endurance, while Elflein is focused on maintaining his scores. Elflein says that cross country has taught him how to pace himself, and that it really helps with other sports. Kallivayalil’s favorite sport is actually football. Kallivayalil is a major supporter of his favorite sports team the Jacksonville Jaguars. When first told he would be athlete of the month, Kallivayalil responded “I’m speechless. It’s an honor.” These two boys describe their athletic careers so far as tough and rewarding.
Alexis Holmes and Isabelle Carey
Alexis Holmes and Isabelle Carey are two sixth graders that are both passionate cross country runners. Any type of running is their favorite sport. Holmes even worked at many other sports including basketball and soccer before deciding that running is her true passion, while Carey has only focused on running. Cross country has challenged Carey to improve her mile time and pushed Holmes to place in the top fifteen. Coach Ruen has taught these girls to always do their best and keep trying, even when they are hurting in a race. They’ve learned to never give up, and how to be good teammates by sticking together as a cross country family. Holmes describes her cross country career as determined, and Carey says she has been very motivated in her career. With the cross country season almost over, these runners are doing a spectacular job!



Athlete of the Month is an article written by Lindsey Trent. Interviews are done by Marlee Irwin, Lindsey Trent, and Kiera McCarthy. A coach of a sport is asked to recognize a special athlete from their team. Not necessarily based on athletic capability or age, the athlete of the month is a boy and a girl who shows great sportsmanship, leadership, and maintains good grades as well.


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