St. Paul’s Pumpkin Patch

As you may know, St.Paul’s had its very own pumpkin patch this year. There were different volunteers who would work the pumpkin patch. Even some middle school students would help out. The pumpkin patch was held by the preschool building. There was a variety of pumpkins to choose from. They had pumpkins that were huge, small, and even some that were different colors. The options … Continue reading St. Paul’s Pumpkin Patch

School Feedback from YOU

One word: greater. Mrs. Thompson has decided that this year, our school will be focused on becoming greater. How do we become greater? St. Paul’s is a great school already, but the Warrior Word has asked several students in middle school how our school can become greater. Here are some of their great ideas: Number one: iPad charging stations. Several kids and even some teachers … Continue reading School Feedback from YOU

St. Paul’s Favorite Teacher is…

We counted the votes for favorite teacher and it is… Mr. Jarboe! When we asked him how he felt about winning he said, “Pretty proud, It’s an honor, and I just feel honored.” Mr. Jarboe decided to pursue history because his dad really enjoyed it, so he took a liking to it. He would like to focus on the word “organization” this year and thinks … Continue reading St. Paul’s Favorite Teacher is…

Thank You, Mrs. McCabe and Mrs. Lynch!

If you’re in middle school and you have taken a test or done homework in any class, (which is very likely), your assignment has probably been graded by Mrs. McCabe or Mrs. Lynch. These two lovely women do incredible amounts of work all behind the scenes. They are constantly working, laughing together, and checking on the students. Thank you, both. With you, our school becomes … Continue reading Thank You, Mrs. McCabe and Mrs. Lynch!