St. Paul’s Favorite Teacher is…

We counted the votes for favorite teacher and it is… Mr. Jarboe! When we asked him how he felt about winning he said, “Pretty proud, It’s an honor, and I just feel honored.” Mr. Jarboe decided to pursue history because his dad really enjoyed it, so he took a liking to it. He would like to focus on the word “organization” this year and thinks it is a big part of his daily routine. When he was in high school he took part in Spanish, PE, and Ceramics. One word Mr. Jarboe would describe himself as would be “stressed.” If he ever had a biography it would be called I Love Teaching: The Mr. Jarboe Story. Congratulations, Mr. Jarboe and thank you for all you do. Although it was a very close race, we’d like to thank all of our teachers for the time they spend with our students. We love all of our teachers and don’t know what we would do without them!


Favorite teacher article was written by Brooke Jubran. The interview was done by Kiera McCarthy. Picture was taken by Lindsey Trent.



One thought on “St. Paul’s Favorite Teacher is…

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Mr. Jarboe has brought a contagious energy to the middle school! He has tremendous, innovative ways of teaching his students about the world we live in….and how WE can make it better by being active participants in it!
    As one of his former teachers, I am so proud and grateful that Mr. Jarboe has come back to St. Paul’s to share his knowledge in our middle school!


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