Thank You, Mrs. McCabe and Mrs. Lynch!

If you’re in middle school and you have taken a test or done homework in any class, (which is very likely), your assignment has probably been graded by Mrs. McCabe or Mrs. Lynch. These two lovely women do incredible amounts of work all behind the scenes. They are constantly working, laughing together, and checking on the students.
Thank you, both. With you, our school becomes a well-oiled machine. Both of you go out of your way to greet the students. Thank you for watching us during recess. Thank you for grading our assignments. Thank you for saying hello to us and asking about our day. Thank you for being amazing. Whenever you see Mrs. Lynch or Mrs. McCabe, don’t forget to say hello and thank them for all their work!



One thought on “Thank You, Mrs. McCabe and Mrs. Lynch!

  1. I don’t know what I would do without these two amazing women! As mentioned in the article, they are always available with a smile, an encouraging word…and most definitely, an extra pair of hands for any teacher in the middle school wing! Bulletin boards, checking grammar for reading responses, keeping a certain Literature teache’rs multiple notes/charts/handouts organized…are just a few of the behind scenes magic they perform. Plaudits to these fabulous ladies!!
    Mrs. Peluso


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