School Feedback from YOU

One word: greater. Mrs. Thompson has decided that this year, our school will be focused on becoming greater. How do we become greater? St. Paul’s is a great school already, but the Warrior Word has asked several students in middle school how our school can become greater. Here are some of their great ideas:

Number one: iPad charging stations. Several kids and even some teachers have mentioned this. As St. Paul’s moves more and more towards technology, iPads will be used more frequently around the school. That means that more kids will not be able to participate in class because their iPads are out of charge. Having a handy octopus cord in Mrs. Thomas’s office or maybe even chargers installed under the desks would allow everyone to use their iPads all day long.

Number two: For all of our foodies, a couple students said we should change up our lunch routine a little. One mentioned that we should have the option to eat outside. This would give kids more time to eat lunch since they could eat or play as they wish. A few students mentioned changing up the lunch menu. Maybe having both healthy and unhealthy food, so that way kids can choose from a wider variety of snacks. To elaborate, one student said that we could have half of the snacks be fruits or vegetables, and the other half be Cosmic Brownies and chips. Finally, a lot of kids suggested a vending machine for a more organized way to get snacks and drinks.

Number three: School-wide events. St. Paul’s has a great athletic program that offers many sports, from tennis to softball and from cross country to soccer! Some of our cross country athletes said we should have a school wide Color Run 5k, or a walk/runaround on the beach like we used to. Both of these would be a really fun way to get some exercise. Other students agreed with this, and said they would be enthusiastic about a more diverse physical education, like having yoga or having games that kids from all sports can participate in. A couple kids mentioned having a better field by having better goals and grass. Finally, a lot of students have been asking for more extracurricular activities or electives. Even though St. Paul’s has a great athletics program, we should show strength and recognition for other areas of talent, like the arts or a service project group.

Number four: St. Paul’s has many great service projects, and lots of students that we asked said they would like to have more. SGA officers and representatives do a lot of good for the community, and other kids say that they would like to get in on the action as well. One girl said that we should bring back Flip Flop Friday. Lindsey Trent, the service secretary of the school, said she will definitely bring some of these ideas up at the next SGA meeting. “The destruction of our gym has been a setback for our service projects, but seeing how motivated you all are I will definitely bring these [ideas] up at our next meeting,” she says.

So there are some of the ideas you had for how to make our school greater! If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment them on this article. Two members of SGA are on the Warrior Word, so we will bring up your ideas at our next meeting. Remember, greatness starts with kindness, and kindness starts with you!

This article was written by Lindsey Trent. Interviews were done by Lindsey Trent. Special thanks to Jack Elflein, Brenn Cooper, Nolan Beenen, Grant Popp, Gabriella Miccolucci, Jordan Zehnder, Delaney Riggsbee, Nina Stouffer, Halle Pitman, Sam Moran, Lauren Weikel, Riley Smith, Alexis Holmes, Jordyn Leinwohl, and Sam Mazzella for giving us their feedback.


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