St. Paul’s Pumpkin Patch


As you may know, St.Paul’s had its very own pumpkin patch this year. There were different volunteers who would work the pumpkin patch. Even some middle school students would help out. The pumpkin patch was held by the preschool building. There was a variety of pumpkins to choose from. They had pumpkins that were huge, small, and even some that were different colors. The options were practically endless. The prices ranged from fifty cents for the small pumpkins to thirty-five dollars for the bigger pumpkins. Even if you didn’t want a huge or small pumpkin, there were plenty of medium sized pumpkins to choose from. This was a great addition to St. Paul’s this year and many people enjoyed it. We’d like to thank everyone who volunteered, as it was a beautiful pumpkin patch for a great cause. Here are some pictures from the patch:


This article was written by Gabby Craft. Pictures were taken by Charli Esposito.


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