Mendenhall 2017

Boys Scrimmage

IMG_1151It was a crazy start to the basketball season with both the boys and girls teams starting off Mendendhall with a win on Saturday against Sacred Heart. The lady warriors then played again on Monday against Blessed Trinity and came out victorious with a 27-9 win. The boys will play on Tuesday against Resurrection, and the ladies will play on Wednesday against Assumption…Thursday is the championship and we wish both teams good luck as they fight for the Mendenhall championship win. We would like to thank Coach Hulihan for preparing our teams and leading them to a great start. Stay tuned for more results!

Article written by: Brooke Jubran

UPDATE: Mendenhall has come to an unfortunate end for our teams. On Wednesday, August 30th, the girls faced Assumption and the boys went up against Christ the King. Both teams lost, but the boys came so close to winning a tight game. Rain or shine, win or loss, we’d like to congratulate our teams for a great tournament. Both boys and girls showed great sportsmanship and effort and we wish them luck as they go into the regular season. Thanks to Coach Huhlihan for leading the teams so well.


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