January’s Athletes of the Month

We asked Coach Trousdell, and January’s Athletes of the Month Are Isabella Evans and Melina Kehres! Coach Trousdell picked these two cheerleaders because of their dedication and enthusiasm of the sport. Both cheerleaders have been doing cheer for at least two years, and have supported our basketball teams enthusiastically. The Warrior Word decided to interview these two lovely ladies to since the cheer team does so much for our basketball teams and don’t always get their appreciation.

Isabella Evans

Isabella Evans is an eighth grader who has done cheer since fifth grade. She is captain of the cheer team, and as the only eighth grader is a great leader. Before cheering for St. Paul’s, Evans also cheered for a football team. Despite her history with cheer, Evans would describe her true passion as golfing. Although Evans won’t pursue her cheer career in high school due to focusing on golf, she has enjoyed and learned a lot from cheer. Evans says being apart of the cheer team is a fun experience because you go to all of the basketball games and support your friends on the court. Her favorite cheer experiences were the pep rally in fifth grade and receiving the check for the gym at a basketball game. Isabella has learned that the cheer team is a family and she also has gained a lot of leadership skills from being captain. Evans never thought she would be captain because she says that there was always someone bigger and better than her, but after four years of dedication she pulled it off. Isabella Evans is unfortunately leaving the cheer team and going onto high school at either BK or PV. Isabella wants to assure young cheerleaders or people considering joining the cheer team that it may seem embarrassing to go out in front of everyone and cheer, but it’s not and it’s a lot of fun. We wish Isabella good luck in high school and college, where she wants to pursue becoming a pharmacist. Isabella was a great leader, and with no co captain led the cheer team in a great season.

Melina Kehres

Melina is a current 6th grader at St Paul’s Catholic School. She was chosen to be athlete of the month along with Isabella Evans. Melina runs for the St. Paul’s cross country and track and field team but was chosen for this special position as a St. Paul’s cheerleader. Track and field is her true passion, but she was chosen by her cheer coach for her dedication and enthusiasm of cheerleading. Melina performs sterling qualities as a St. Paul’s student as well as excelling in St. Paul’s sports. Melina believes that studying and working hard is important. Along with most athletes, Melina has an an idol. For Melina, her idol is her mom. Melina’s mom also used to cheer for college football. One of Melina’s favorite memories is when she landed her first back hand spring. Melina also says that St. Paul’s cheer taught her to be a leader and to have fun no matter the competition. Melina says that she will miss Isabella as a captain and that she loves Coach Trousdale. Melina is an outstanding athlete who showed confidence on the court as a cheerleader, and plans to cheer again for at least one more year. Melina is a great St. Paul’s athlete and is excited for her next two years at St. Paul’s.


Isabella Evans (front row, second warrior) and Melina Kehres (front row, far right) cheering at an away game.



3 thoughts on “January’s Athletes of the Month

  1. Congrats as a cheerleader myself I’m really proud of y’all I’ll miss you next year Isabella and Melina you will be a great co captain can’t wait for next year!


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