What’s With All the Cereal?

All throughout Catholic schools week, students in all classes brought in cereal boxes. There were Cheerios, MiniWheats, Raisin Bran, and more. Whether they were fruity or flaky, healthy or sugary, we collected about 600 boxes of cereal. As you read this, some of these boxes are probably being distributed to hungry people in need. This means if you brought in a cereal box, it has now become a few meals for a homeless person or family. Because of St. Paul’s, now 600 people have food for a few days. How? Eighth graders in NJHS or SGA, along with a few other helping hands, brought the cereal boxes to Catholic Charities. For hours, we stocked and organized not only the 600 boxes of cereal that St. Paul’s gave, but all of the other jams, jellies, peanut butter jars, cookies, tuna cans, fruit cans, vegetable cans, soup cans, and ravioli cans from all of the other Catholic schools in our diocese. The pantry went from empty to stuffed with tons of food, which will be given to homeless people and families. This was an impactful service project that all started with you when you gave a simple cereal box. A big thanks to the people who work at Catholic Charities and for all that they to help the less fortunate in our community.

Article written by Gabby Craft and Lindsey Trent, who also helped stock the pantries at Catholic Charities.



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