February’s Athlete of the Month


We asked Coach Heekin and Coach Delmont, and the athletes of the month are Lily Beson and Kristin Halter! These two volleyball players are eighth grade girls who represented what it really means to be a warrior. Warrior Word interviewed them to find out how they do it.
Lily Beson

Lily was chosen because of her leadership and enthusiasm. Part of being a warrior is being a leader, and Beson led the volleyball team emotionally by giving great pep talks and by showing younger girls what it means to be a volleyball player. Beson’s “sister” on the volleyball team was Miller Grandy. Beson was an inspiration for this girl and many others, but she doesn’t have a specific role model herself. Beson says she looks up to anybody that can follow their dreams, but she aspires to be her own person. She intends to try out for the Ponte Vedra High School volleyball team next year. Beson has played for the St. Paul’s team for several years. Her favorite thing about volleyball is the competition. “When you’re on the court and in the middle of a game and all you want in your head is that girl to serve right back at you again so you can pass it and make her like so mad,” she said. Beson is already an inspiration and leader, but volleyball has taught this wise girl even more new things. One being that it’s all about mindset. “If you tell yourself you can’t do it, you won’t be able to do it,” she says. Beson also has a unique strategy for hyping herself up before a game. She says she envisions herself in a music video, or pretends she is listening to music, and imagines herself as being in the music video. Beson has had a great season and says that she felt like this year they were even more of a team than other years, even if they didn’t win as many games. Beson is an independent inspiration, and has some very interesting qualities that shine even off of the court. Beson is a vegetarian, she is a model who will be modeling for brands soon, and she hopes to be a model when she is older or at least be famous.


Kristin Halter

Kristin was chosen because of her skill, improvement, and dedication. Coach Heekin says Kristin improved greatly throughout the season, and even mastered her overhand serve. She also said Kristin is an awesome blocker, and brings a lot to the team. Coach Delmont, the other volleyball coach, is Halter’s role model. Halter has had a volleyball career at St. Paul’s as well as JJVA. She is not sure of whether or not she will continue her career when she goes to Bishop Kenny for high school, but she has accomplished so much already. Along with being a great player, Halter has great sportsmanship and bonds with her teammates. In fact, Halter says her favorite thing about volleyball is the team and the connections they have. Halter’s “sister” on the team was Priscilla Macdonald. Halter was a great role model for this upcoming star, and she also has a few words of wisdom for other younger kids who are considering playing volleyball. Halter says to keep trying no matter what, take risks, and do it for yourself because in the end it will be worth it. Halter says to get hyped up before a game, the feeling of high-fiving each other, listening to Lily’s pep talks and screaming in the circle is enough for her. Halter is a warrior on the court, and she’s also a unique and great person off of the court. She has a secret desire to unicycle, is nicknamed “Country Kristin” for her love of country music, and is also vegetarian. She one day hopes to become a teacher or at least work with kids, and she has accomplished so much already so we are sure she will be going places.

Article and pictures by Lindsey Trent. Interview was done by Lindsey Trent and special guest Jin-Jin Bradshaw.




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