Deck the Chairs

This past holiday season St. Paul’s participated in the annual Deck the Chairs down in Jacksonville Beach. This is the first time St. Paul’s has ever had a chair participate in the annual celebration. The chair was depicted as a beautiful steeple. The steeple was designed with stained glass windows, a working bell, double doors. The St. Paul’s families and others who visited the chair could see the rocks, designed by the students of St. Paul’s. They could also sit in a desk and ring the bell. The students also helped by painting the stained glass windows. St. Paul’s had a special night dedicated to them. On December 17th, there were snacks and performances going while people visited the chairs. There was also an appearance of our principal, Ms. Thompson, dressed as an angel. Our school was very blessed that we were able to raise enough money to participate in this great event. It was such a great opportunity for families to have fun and enjoy themselves during this past holiday season

Article by: Gabby Craft and pictures by: Charli Esposito


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