The Crazy Sock Trend

Crazy Sock Day
During the annual Catholic school’s week, we held the annual crazy sock day. Believe it when we say everyone was in attendance for the big day. NBA stars positioned in a jump shot on the ankles and calves of so many students. Even Lebron James was caught walking down the hallway with his late bud Kyrie. When Kyrie and Lebron were caught walking down the hallway, there was bound to be drama. That’s when Kim Kardashians struts in (that’s right struts in). Kim Kardashian socks were released last spring have been a hit ever since. If the hallways of St. Paul’s were red carpets and the lockers were the paparazzi, you better believe Kim Kardashian would be there. So, if Kim is there her husband must be too. In walks Yeezy brand sneakers and NBA Laker logo socks, Kanye West brought down the house with all that style in one pair. It seemed as if it was a battle of the celebrities on socks, because when “Hello Kitty” walked in Kyrie was shook (Outraged). Blood was boiling and the stakes were high, but nothing could compare for when The Yankees Logo and The Red Sox Logo walked towards each other down the hallway. *GASPS*
Then of course an appearance by the all to famous and well know “Stance” (Sock and Undergarment Brand) was seen on multiple students. Patterns with bright colors and crazy loops, stripes and pictures, or sports logos even you star sign was seen on the Iconic brand of socks.
Nobody was prepared for the craziness that walked through the door. When knee high socks with bows walked in the walls shook. How about when the Chicago Bulls walked in with bright red patterns on the calves, it was as if the world stopped. Even the Beautiful and intricate design of arrows and stripes made it seem like nothing else mattered.
Let’s not forget about the creativity behind picking the perfect pair of CRAZY SOCKS. This time when you woke up everything was different, it was a break from the bland color choices of every morning. First things first, find a pair of socks no one else has. Second, make sure they are crazy enough that the person next to you looks like a rookie. Step three, ask yourself they reach the level of crazy you expect. Finally, you got up in the mirror turned around and walked around your room like Americas Next Top Model. Making sure that the angles are perfect, they are the craziest of the socks EVER and if you can rock them and if all designs are lined up. Now, when you walk down the hall with Jack’o lanterns and Beach balls you’ll know you let your crazy flag fly.
This day was dedicated to all the crazy amazing kids being able to express themselves through their socks. Whether it was Christmas trees and Turkeys, Tassels and footballs, Ballerinas and pizza slices all socks were welcomed.

Pictures and Article by Charli Esposito


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