Dear New Students!

Welcome to Saint Paul’s Catholic School! We hope you enjoy your stay. We are very excited to be learning with you and teaching you! There are so many opportunities here, like making lifelong friends, join clubs and getting the best education in the diocese! There are also many extra curricular activities, such as chess club, odyssey of the mind, safety patrol, and many sports. We … Continue reading Dear New Students!

Learn How to Learn- Mr. Malie

Middle school’s newest addition, Mr. Malie, has brought a new philosophy to St. Paul’s. He’s teaching his students how to “learn how to learn”. He has a hands-on method style of teaching. Before he was a teacher, Mr. Malie was a physician practice administrator but this was not where his love of teaching science came from. He coached odyssey for ten years at St. Paul’s … Continue reading Learn How to Learn- Mr. Malie

The New Safety Patrol Recruits

Our new Safety Patrol recruits are here! Gianluca Acireale, Henry Baranek, Julio Castro, Sheridan Delegal, Teagan Graves, Isabella Hovan, Olivia Jansen, Lauren Jolly, Ryan Ley, Dylon Lunsford, Mason McBride, Ali Mitsis, Abby Ossi, Emily Ossi, KJ Rookey, Chloe Sikes, Luna Torbey, Bryce Watson, and Carter Wright have been working hard to make sure that every carpool goes by smoothly. They have been doing such a … Continue reading The New Safety Patrol Recruits

Buddy Read- Learning for all Ages

Buddy read takes place every other Thursday, and is one of the major St. Paul’s traditions that has lasted through the years. Buddy read is where seventh graders bring a book down to the kindergarten classrooms and read with them. Seventh graders develop maturity and responsibility, while kindergartners develop their reading skills. At the beginning of the year the seventh graders reading to the kindergartners, … Continue reading Buddy Read- Learning for all Ages

Welcome Back St. Paulers!

Welcome back to St. Paul’s! This year has already been a great year and we can’t wait for what’s coming up. We recently welcomed tons of new students to our amazing school! Over the summer our school has had many changes- Mainly our brand new gym and middle school science room. We also have a few new teachers and I’m sure some of you have … Continue reading Welcome Back St. Paulers!