Halloween Dance

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The 7th and 8th graders had a blast at the annual St. Paul’s Halloween Dance! Some amazing songs were played, courtesy of our amazing DJ… Mr. Jarboe! From the sing-along to the slow dances, this dance would be one to remember. This was the 7th grader’s first middle school dance. The award for best newcomer went to Ava Conley. Everyone was dancing their hearts out, but the award for best girl dancer went to Bailey Beach. The best boy dancer was Brooks Utter. There were some really amazing costumes there…but the award for the best solo boy costume went to Evan Stone. The best solo girl costume award went to Madeleine Prewett as Wednesday Addams. The best group costume went to Romeo and Juliet… Samuel Aguirre and Brady Thompson. The 2018 Halloween Dance turned out to be as special as always. A special shout out to Rian Sexton, the St. Paul’s Social Secretary, for giving us this great time.

By: Maggie Mitsis

Photos by: Bailey Beach and Ms. George


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