October Basketball Athlete of the Month

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Coach Hulihan has selected four basketball players who are our athletes of the month. They have been chosen based on their leadership, sportsmanship, and skill level. The following players were selected: Ava Larson, Kamryn Croft, Josh Deegan, and Alex Ritter.

Ava is co captain of the girls team along with Kamryn. She has been playing basketball for fun since she was three years old. She cheers for her younger teammates at every game and loves to support them. Her favorite memory from this season was eighth grade night. She loves basketball because it is fun and interactive. She believes it has a different outlook from soccer which she also plays.

Kamryn has been playing basketball since she was four. Her favorite part of the sport is shooting the ball. She tells her other teammates to play their hearts out. Her favorite memory is when St. Paul’s went up against St. Joseph. During a play, she fell while shooting the ball but somehow it still went in. She plays basketball to keep herself occupied and to have fun with her teammates.

Josh has been playing basketball for five years. He does the best that he can so that he can improve the way his teammates play. Josh said “I do good things to make them do better things”.He is humbled by the fact that he was picked and he says it was totally unexpected. His favorite memory was the championship game. He loves basketball because it doesn’t ever stop in his mind. He is motivated by his teammates.

Alex has been playing basketball since he was five. He is very sportsmanship and likes to support his fellow teammates by telling them good job and giving them a high five. His favorite memory from this season was when he made nineteen points in one game! He loves the feeling of making the shot, especially because it benefits his team.

Thanks Coach Hulihan for choosing these athletes so brilliantly.

By: Josie Rill


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