Deck the Chairs

This past holiday season St. Paul’s participated in the annual Deck the Chairs down in Jacksonville Beach. This is the first time St. Paul’s has ever had a chair participate in the annual celebration. The chair was depicted as a beautiful steeple. The steeple was designed with stained glass windows, a working bell, double doors. The St. Paul’s families and others who visited the chair … Continue reading Deck the Chairs

February’s Athlete of the Month

We asked Coach Heekin and Coach Delmont, and the athletes of the month are Lily Beson and Kristin Halter! These two volleyball players are eighth grade girls who represented what it really means to be a warrior. Warrior Word interviewed them to find out how they do it. Lily Beson Lily was chosen because of her leadership and enthusiasm. Part of being a warrior is … Continue reading February’s Athlete of the Month

What’s With All the Cereal?

All throughout Catholic schools week, students in all classes brought in cereal boxes. There were Cheerios, MiniWheats, Raisin Bran, and more. Whether they were fruity or flaky, healthy or sugary, we collected about 600 boxes of cereal. As you read this, some of these boxes are probably being distributed to hungry people in need. This means if you brought in a cereal box, it has … Continue reading What’s With All the Cereal?

Picassos in the Making

Did you know that St. Paul’s has a bunch of artists who are in a group called Young Rembrandts? Perhaps you have seen their work hanging up in the eighth grade part of the cafeteria right outside Mrs. Card’s room. The group meets every Wednesday to recreate and put their own twists on various cartoon drawings. They also do seasonal artwork and other types of … Continue reading Picassos in the Making